Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My enermy...

I have 1 enermy.He is in our class.I hate him so much.When ever i want to talk with him,he will cover his ear and act he did not listen.He usually called me ' kuda ' means horse and extra.He is fat and his face like a girl.He is also my boy friend but now i do not like his attitude.If he did not like me,it's ok.We can be friends but he don't want to be my friends,it's ok,i also don't want to be his friends. And now,he is my enermy.......I hate him so much
By:nurul 5 dolphin

And now.......

Sunday, May 28, 2006

June holiday...

Hooray...I am very happy because it was June holiday!!!I do not need to wake up in the morning and go to school.But the sad things was i need to go for a rehearsal for the dancing and go to computer lab for lesson.I wish my parent could buy a new car for my family and go to KL.I am very boring at home.My parents do not allowed me to go out side and play.I only can play with my brothers.At home,i only plays with my brothers and my hamster.I will went swimming or either went to library with my mother and my mother's friends daugther.My teacher,Ms lim give us alot of homework but I finish is by 2 days only because i want i relax.This June holiday,i will sleep a little bit late and wake also a little bit late.I will sleep and sleep and sleep all the way until afternoon.:) WHAT A BORING JUNE HOLIDAY FOR ME.............

Good bye.... By: Nurul 5d.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

my favourite animals

My favourite animals are hamster .I like hamster becuz they are cute and sometime like to play with us when we are lonely.They are very cute,chubby and fluffy.My hamster is also cute.When i wanted to go to sleep,i will said good night to him.Let me discribe him...
He is small and like to sleep and eat alot.he likes to play with me and some time he will sleep at my hand.he has a small round eyes and a very cute nose.His name is Rocky.My brother and i aggread to called him Rocky becuz he like to run around.i like to play with him everyday.I wish i could bring my hamster to school one day.....
Love by nurul....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

after examination

What a tired day for me!My examination had finish and i was very scared to know my results.i scared my mother will scolded me and i will not go to overseas.Too bad!!!I wish i would get the high marks.Let me explane to u abaout my examination.

First,my science is very hard .My english,so far it's look easy for me.Opps,this is very scared to sad.My mathematics is veryyyy difficult for me but my teacher said that is was so easy.i was very scared.actually,I hate mathematics because i need to think and think and think all the way and i also hate math when i did careless mistake.i am very scared with my tutor.She will scolded me when i failed and do careless mistake many times.That's why i hate maths.

i am very scared if i failed and i went to 'E' class and 'F' class.If i failed,my parents will be disappointed and i could not play my laptop.i wish i will past my exam with flying colours.!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Some of my friends know my new BOYFRIEND.He is in our class,5D.He is in yellow house and he is also in SPINNERS.I like him because he is cute and handsome.HEHEHE!!!!.I had change my boyfriend.I don't like my another boyfriend.He is not so handsome now....Now,I want to share with u about myself.When i am in pri2,I like 1 person in my class,then he now had change school and pri 3,i like 2 person in my class now, i did not like them.One of them had change school also and Sharmilla know him.Pri4,i like 2 person in my class.One of them i had already BREAK with him .Pri 5,I like 2 person.The boy that i don't like and my new boyfriend.So, now i am a playgirl!!!!!!!!.... Big news,Now, i have another boyfriend.Its my ex-boyfriend when i am pri 4.....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

during my holiday...

What a tiring day for me on the school holiday.........On monday, i waked up at 8.30 and i take my breakfast.I do some of my homework and some i will do tomorrow.After finish my homework,i help my mother with some of the housework.On Tuesday,I waked up late at 9.00 in the morning.I do all my homework so that i didnot so tired that day.After i had finish my homework, i help my mother.Then,at about i play with my brother and play my computer and i go to sleep.On wednesday,My brother had just brought a new hamster for me.I play and play till at night and i go to sleep.On Thursday,i waked up very late because at last night in sleep very late..I waked up at 10.30.As usual,i help my mother and at about 5.00,i and my parents went shopping at Lot 1 shopping centre.And on friday,I waked up at 9.00 and i follow my mother to the market.On saturday,I waked up at 8.30 and i help my mother cook and about 5.00,i help my 2nd brother washed his motorcycle.And last but not least,on sunday,i will hang out with my family.WHAT A TIRING DAYYYY!!!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My new pet.

My new pet is a hamter.He is a little baby boy.My brother had just brought it on Friday,17 march 06 that was a school holiday.i was very excited.Then the next day,i carry the hamster and the hamster bite me,i think the hamster does not like me.He is very cute. i have a new site for u to chat with me:

This is my hamster,Rocky.Is he cute????